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Thursday, August 9, 2012

US Media Routinely Conceals Violence by Women, Deliberately Misinforming the Public (Another Video Gone Viral)

  By Eric Ross, Ph.D. Investigative Reporter, National Writers Syndicate.

What Happened: Woman Drove her SUV Through Office Building Hallways Attempting to Kill Ex-Husband

Brenda Christine White
is on trial in August of 2012,
for hitting her ex-husband
 with her Ford Explorer
after crashing through office
 building in... 2006
Her trial has hardly got under way in Salt Lake City, Utah, as the Judge on the case already declared mistrial, because the woman's friend alleged the jurors were discussing the case on the elevator. Judge William Barrett questioned the jurors under oath on Friday August 10, 2012 morning and they denied it. A new trial could be set for next year.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/08/10/4714769/mistrial-for-woman-accused-of.html#storylink=cpy

 If her attempt to murder Jon Robert White received any media attention at all,  it was only after the video went viral on the Internet,  surveillance camera showing the ex-wife driving her SUV through the the lobby of an office building and maneuvering to hit her ex husband again and again.  Had it not been for the power of the Internet, the case – if experience is the guide – would have been most likely dismissed by the media and the courts with the murderess getting a slap on the wrist, if that much.

This Utah woman ambushed and hunted down her ex husband in a parking garage, aiming to run him over with her SUV, while he was trying to run for his life as she revved up the engine in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase, not unlike Hollywood's horror movie.  He ran between two parked cars, jumped over a concrete wall, and managed to run into the "safety" of the office building. Undeterred, his ex-wife crashed the massive SUV through the glass doors into the lobby of the building and hit him, flipping the man over the hood of her Ford Explorer. He managed to get up and tried to run away again, but his mangled body was no match to the 200 hp engine of a Ford truck: she accelerated  down the hallway after him, his broken leg giving way, the massive SUV hitting him for a second time.

How the US News Media Covered It

What is the media coverage ? Here's the headline, as published by Huffingrton Post: “Brenda Christine White On Trial For Trying To Hit Ex-Husband By Driving Car Into Building. 

– So, why do they say “Trying to hit?” Excuse me, ladies of the Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation, err Associated Press, Huffington Post, Tribune and others, but she did deliver two bone-crushing hits in a harrowing vehicular hunt to-kill. What the hell does your whoring with words accomplish, other than deliberate misinformation? Yes, she was “trying” all right, but not to "hit"    she was trying to kill. She succeeded in running him over with a heavy vehicle twice.  The man survived only, because in the mayhem of the execution by a truck    in which his former wife acted the court, the jury and the executioner    he managed to hide his broken body in a storage closet. Your presentation and coverage of the news is beyond simply white-washing the reality, it is an obvious, crude falsification, deliberately presenting one-sided fictitious story as narrated by the woman’s defense attorneys.

In fairness to Huffington Post they admit the truth  in the same article. But unlike the lies, which they spout out in large block letters of the headline and text, the truth is in tiny little letters of the fine print caption to the video, saying: "Brenda Christine White is on trial for hitting her ex-husband twice with her Ford Explorer after crashing through this office building in Salt Lake County in 2006."

The headline in the Salt Lake City Tribune is even more ridiculous: "Utah Woman on trial for driving through building to hit husband."  – So, ladies, if you want to murder your husband with a vehicle, do not drive through buildings, or you may end up being put on trial for destroying property.  Unlike what some may think, this is not journalistic stupidity. It is pure, cheap chicanery and propaganda.  Yellow journalism. Misinformation by omission of facts and commission of lies.

Earlier that day the woman clearly stated her intent to kill her ex-husband, but Americans won’t find this information anywhere in the coverage by the Associated Press.  Well, maybe  in the future, AP will pretend to be more "fair", but not before we, the alternative media insisting on journalistic honesty, shame them into doing so. Better still    U.S. readers continue to vote with their feet, as the readership of main news media dwindles down to nothing and into oblivion, while this blog alone gets over a thousands readers per day.

Do you, readers, dig now the psycho-lingual programming, not to mention factual disinformation in the feminist media’s coverage? The text of the article is by AP, hence it is blithely reprinted by all of the U.S. "news" media, in its unified effort to misinform Americans. Read, for example, the HuffingtonPost article here.
Their misinformation piece ends with the words of her attorney, "At some point in our lives we have all done or said something that we wouldn't have done if we were in total control of our body."  – And so, now we are all Brenda Christine White; she is just one of us regular fellas and broads... except if it were her husband at the wheel of the SUV, and she was running away for her dear life, he would be serving a life sentence by now, in a maximum security prison.
The woman had been taking too much Xanax and was "not in her right mind," a defense attorney said, as the trial got under way in early August 2012.  Hmm… That is interesting. According to the experts and some common knowledge about Xanax overdose, it causes extreme sedation, drowsiness and sleepiness, not an outburst of deadly violence.  See, e.g. "What are the Symptoms of a Xanax® Overdose?"  
The AP story presents only one side of the story, it is "her story," a crudely fabricated theory that it was “her body, but not her mind” behind the steering wheel of the  SUV, with which she tried to kill her former husband who dared to disobey her orders to surrender his property to her.   "Her body?" Oh, really?  

What Did  the US Media Conceal?

What did really happen? First, the case has been dragged on appeals for six years, since 2006, as defense attorneys fought to use an “extreme emotional distress defense.”  Last year, the Utah Supreme Court sent the case back to the trial court judge to reconsider the merits of such a defense, only to have Judge William Barrett to dig in his heels, again denying the request. 
Brenda Christine White, 36, is charged with attempted murder and criminal mischief. There is evidence that her "extreme emotional distress" was really extremely controlling behavior, the woman hoping her crime would be dismissed, as is the US fashion in other such cases of vehicular murder by ex wives. 

The Woman Gave Her Husband an Ultimatum and Threatened  to Kill Him Earlier That Day

As part of the divorce mediation, Brenda White was to get the couple’s home, on the condition that she obtains her own financing and takes over the mortgage payments, prosecutors said. On that day, she wanted instead to have Jon White to unconditionally transfer the deed on the property to her, which he refused to do. Jon White said his ex-wife played the Poe song "Angry Johnny" on loop as they talked. When the chorus played — "I want to kill you. I want to blow you away" — Jon White said his ex-wife  locked her hands together as if holding a gun and pretended to squeeze a shot at him.
As Jon White refused, Brenda White said, "You are a parasite and I’m going to wipe you off the face of the earth!" 

With Media Glorifying Psycho Women As Heroines, Men’s Life in the US is One Scary Kafkaesque Movie

The ex-husband testified he was so shaken up by the encounter, that he called his mother about it and took several precautions:  he left work early that day and took a different path to his car than he normally took. But as he was walking to his car through the parking garage, he heard the screeching tires and saw Brenda White’s Ford Explorer rushing at him. "She looked at me with very cold, vicious eyes," he said.

As he jumped over the cars and concrete barriers and managed to get into the safety of the building,  Brenda White crashed her Ford Explorer through both sets of the building's glass doors and struck him. Jon White testified that although badly injured, he was able to get up and run down a hallway, but Brenda White kept chasing right after him in the SUV. The woman revved-up, driving down a hallway and hit her ex-husband again in the lobby on the West side of the building.  Jon White tumbled over the SUV and was again cut by glass. When he tried to get up again to run, his broken leg gave out. He hopped down another hallway, hiding in a service closet until a maintenance man found him.

Dr. Jacqueline Campbell of Johns Hopkins University in her recent presentation at the annual meeting of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Denver, Colorado emphasized that women who engage in violence against men are doing so "in self-defense", and she considers these women to be heroines. At the same annual meeting, Judge David Fried of the New York Domestic Violence Court expressed his belief that by and large, women are the battered and men the batterers. (From  "A Separate Reality: Notes from the 2012 NCADV Conference."And that is the crux of the issue of the Domestic Violence prosecution: it is not the facts that matter – it is the Judge’s beliefs. Incentivized by the taxpayers' largess of the multi-billion dollar federal  VAWA programs, the DV industry makes sure that only the “true believers” get to sit on the bench.  



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  2. "it is not the facts that matter – it is the Judge’s beliefs.
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