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Friday, September 14, 2012

US Media Hiding the Truth About the Assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens

   Eric Ross, Ph.D.
posted on 9/14/2012           last updated 9/24/2012

After two weeks passed since the bloody attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012, under the relentless pressure from the alternative media, such as this website, the U.S. media and to some degree the U.S. officials, began to reluctantly admit the truth, which they previously denied.

It all started with a report in the UK's Independent,  a highly respected newspaper. Leaning to the left politically, but not self-righteously modern liberal, it is known for taking a classical liberal, pro-market stance on economic issues, and its truth-seeking, independent coverage of the news.

Based on the article the Indeoendent published immediately after the attck, we have to conclude that the U.S. media has deliberately concealed and obfuscated several important facts about the attacks on the US Embassies in the Middle East on 9/11/2012. An article in the Independent, quoting U.S. officials began to reveal the facts that the U.S. media refused to cover.

Hillary's postmortem at the Congressional testimony on Janury-24, 2013: What difference does it make? (regarding the White House and State Department's  foreknowledge of the impending attack on the Ambassador Stevens.) President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, UN Ambassador Susan Rice. All in lock-step in lies about an "anti-Islamic video" allegedly leading to "demonstrations"... with well-coordinated mortar fire and direct attacks with machine guns and RPG's. WHO MADE THE DECISION TO LIE...AND WHY? WHERE'S NBC? ABC? CBS? FOX? NEW YORK TIMES? WASHINGTON POST? TIME?

The facts U.S. media concealed: Monumental Incompetence of the U.S. State Department

1) The U.S. media reported the deaths of the U.S. Ambassador to Libia and three other men. What they concealed was that eight (8) Americans, some from the military, were wounded in the attack, which also claimed the lives of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, an information officer, and two guards, former U.S. Navy Seals

2) U.S. State Department had advance information on the upcoming attacks, and did nothing to warn diplomats and heighten security of the U.S. facilities in the Middle East.:
"According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and "lockdown", under which movement is severely restricted."
The State Department’s inaction that resulted in deaths of the US diplomats and personnel,  demonstrates Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ineptitude ― she should be sacked immediately.

What's more:

3) American intelligence officials and international anti-terrorism experts believe the attack was planned, massive Cairo "protests" with unarmed assault on the U.S. Embassy acting as a diversion. The location of Chris Stevens had been leaked to the heavily-armed attackers in Libya. His visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, was confidential. The attack may have have resulted from a serious and continuing security breach, the Independent reports.
“An eight-strong American rescue team was sent from Tripoli and taken by troops under Captain Fathi al- Obeidi, of the February 17 Brigade, to the secret safe house to extract around 40 US staff. The building then came under fire from heavy weapons. "I don't know how they found the place to carry out the attack. It was planned, the accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any ordinary revolutionaries," said Captain Obeidi. "It began to rain down on us, about six mortars fell directly on the path to the villa,” according to Independent.
This next attack came hours after the attack on the Consulate. American staffers along with Libyans had been evacuated to the safe house while a plane arrived from Tripoli with a joint U.S.-Libyan security group that was to fly them back to the capital, said Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister Wanis el-Sharef.

El-Sharef said the original plan was for a separate Libyan security unit to escort the evacuees to the airport. Instead, the joint unit went from the airport to the safe house, possibly because they were under the impression they were dealing with a hostage situation, he said. The militant attack coincided with the joint team's arrival at the safe house, he said.

President Barack Obama addresses the 67th session of the
United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 25, 2012.
Obama made a speech clearly pandering to Muslim Brothers:
‘The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The 
Prophet Of Islam’, six times falsely accusing an obscure
YouTube video, which nobody in the US cared to see,
to be the "cause" of "spontaneous demonstrations",
which according to him, caused death of Ambassador
Stevens and other brave Americans. We know that
Barack Hussein lied then, as he continues to hide now the
simple fact that it was a well-organized and
coordinated terrorist attack. 
The fact that the attackers knew the safe house's location suggests a "spy" inside the security forces tipped off the militants, el-Sharef said.  The precision mortar attack suggests well-trained military, rather than a rag-tag crowd of "protesters."

Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the "safe house" in the city, where the staff had retreated, came under sustained mortar attack. Other such refuges across the country are no longer deemed "safe".

The Conspicuously Coordinated Media Coverage of the Official U.S. Response 


When confronted with questions about the State Department’s inaction vis-à-vis advanced intelligence warning of threats against American security interests in the Middle East, the U.S. officials went on a full-scale cover up, playing with semantics.  Shawn Turner, spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, emailed: “
This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.” 
This response has a “lie” written all over it: the fact that the warning did not name Benghazi specifically, did not strip the administration of their responsibility to alert diplomats everywhere in the Middle East. Not only did they shirk  their duty to protect American lives, they now engage in habitual demagogy to conceal their bureaucratic negligence and indifference. The sequestration budgetary report released by Obama just cut Embassy Security by $129 million. Never mind the deaths of four American servicemen ― in view of the budgetary cuts it was politically-incorrect for the Obama's State Department to take heed of the reports of security threats.

President's own reaction to the deadly events has been nothing short of bizarre: following the assassinations of American servicemen is Libya, Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing in favor of a fundraising party in Las Vegas, where he compared the murdered American officials in Libya to his Las Vegas campaign volunteers.  Moreover, after the breaking news of attacks on the US Embassies, President Obama was heard on the South Florida airwaves this 9/11 Anniversary morning calling into the radio-station program of the DJ Laz “Pimp with the Limp”.  Decide for yourself how "classy" this 106.7 WRMA-FM station is. Said Obama: “You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door,” Obama was saying, buttering up Laz, the Pimp with a Limp, “And so I’m hoping that I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.” The two chatted about tunes, TV, football and top topics of the 2012 campaign. All while U.S. Embassies around the Middle East were set on fire. Cool! Way cool. Very presidential.

The main media coverage in the U.S. of the related news was no less bizarre: they reported "spontaneous" protests in the Middle East over the controversial Islam film, which Americans never heard of before, which never aired anywhere except a short clip on YouTube. ― "Spontaneous" protests?  On the 11-th anniversary of 9/11? Really? How come only foreign newspapers ― British, Russian, German ― mention the fact of the advanced warning to the State department?

Americans Glen A. Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone S. Woods were also killed in the attack on the consulate.

Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., a former Navy SEAL and a decorated veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, worked as a security contractor at the US consulate in Benghazi.

Smith, an Air Force veteran, was an information management specialist for the State Department for 10 years in posts including Brussels, Baghdad, and Pretoria.

Woods, also a former Navy SEAL who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, has guarded American diplomatic personnel in dangerous posts from Central America to the Middle East since 2010.

‘‘They knew the danger, and they accepted it,’’ Obama said at a brief speech at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where the four flag-wrapped coffins arrived. ― Did they, really? They probably did not accept the biggest danger  of all ― the incompetence, negligence and indifference of the U.S. bureaucrats who effectively sacrificed the lives of these servicemen on the altar of political correctness.

The media is conspicuously too busy bashing Romney's comment on this major event, rather than admitting the obvious, let alone putting two and two together. Somebody had to respond, as the White House was silent for a long time. After all, occupation of the Embassy by "protesters" or anyone, has been an act of war, since the time immemorial.

Colossal Failure of Foreign Policy: Arming the Muslim Brotherhood to Their Teeth

President Obama welcomed the “Arab Spring” with open arms, apparently ignoring the simple fact that the “uprising” were fueled by the most radical Muslim organization, The Muslim Brotherhood. The U.S. military aid to Egypt has been huge, standing at about $2 billion annually. The Government of Egypt, mostly the functionaries of the Muslim Brotherhood, derives its power and is propped by the Egyptian military.  Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood "government" is in possession of 1,200 M1A1 Abrams Battle tanks and at least 260 new advanced F-16C/D fighter aircraft. The final Egyptian F-16 under the contract with the US is to be delivered in 2013.

All of this newest military hardware, which the Muslim Brotherhood can at any time turn against Israel, has been paid with the U.S. Taxpayer’s money. Instead of protecting the country's Christian minority, military murdered dozens of Christians protesting firebombing of Churches. None of the money, which the U.S. generously lavished upon Egyptian government went towards building any kind of democratic institutions or secular schools.
The U.S. taxpayers paid for Egypt's acquisition of  1,200
of this formidable weapons system, the M1A1 Abrams
Battle tanks, now under control of the Muslim
Brotherhood government of Egypt. Does it make Israel
safe? Is Obama readying Egypt to revisit the 1967
six-day war, where Israeli 800 old WW-2era  tanks
confronted and defeated 2,500 Egyptian tanks
and the army, at least twice larger in numbers?
What Mr. Taxpayer must ask himself is why does the Obama’s administration arm Egypt’s Muslim Brothers to their teeth, and at out expense? Especially when half the people in America have to cope with the horrendous unemployment and financial hardship.

U.S. taxpayers also footed the bill
for the Egyptian military's
acquisition of over 260 of these
new advanced multi-
function fighter-jets, 2F-16C/D.   
None of it is in the U.S. main media. They are too busy apologizing for the “vulgar and crude” film by an Egiptian Coptic Christian that allegedly offended the memory of Prophet Mohammed. They deliberately ignore the obvious signs of pre-planned Al Queda-style operation timed to the 11-th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. They are too busy finding faults with Governor Romney for being critical of the Obama Administration’s handling of the situation.

Egypt's "Arab Spring" replaced the secular
government of Mubarac with the Islamist government
of Mursi. Photo: Islamist President Mohamed Mursi (C)
speaks with Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (L) (whom he
soon fired) and Egyptian Armed Forces Chief
Of  Staff  Sami Anan.  The U.S. taxpayers foot over $2 bill
of military aid to Egypt a year.
The reaction from the Conservatives? ―  “The policies of Obama have made our intellectual incoherence and strategic incompetence even worse. It is no accident that the embassy in Cairo issued a groveling statement, apologizing to the haters for having inconvenienced them with American freedom of speech.”, said former Speaker of the House, Gingrich.

Here's what Senator Lindsey Graham says about the Benghazi witnesses, apparently being intimidated by the White House into silence:

"I've had contact with some of the survivors. Their story is chilling. They feel afraid to tell it. It's important they come forward to tell their story," Graham told FOX News. "Some are back working for the government. Some are still injured. The bottom line is they feel that they can't come forth. They've been told to be quiet."

Even in Chicago, this is called witness intimidation.

While the Christian churches in Egypt were firebombed in the aftermath of the "Arab Spring" and hundreds of the eight million Egyptian Christians killed by the mobs, the silence of the U.S. media was truly deafening, while the victims' throats were slashed and many of them publicly crucified. In addition to the throngs of thugs firebombing churches, just last October, Egyptian military clashed with Christian protest demonstration against firebombing and killed 25 Egyptian Christians, according to the State Department. (26 killed, 200 wounded, according to Christian Post, quoting Egypt's State TV.)  Despite Canada Free Press assertion that " Shooting Coptic demonstrators on the streets of Cairo at the hands of the military who receive billions from the US taxpayers will not go unnoticed", the US taxpayers are oblivious, thanks to media's suppression of the news.

The Arab Spring of Egypt seems to have fallen on the heads of the Christian minority, counted in the millions. Most Christians in Egypt are Copts, about 10 percent of Egypt's 80 million population. Coptic church split from the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches in 451 A.D. over theological arguments on the nature of Christ, but nowadays it is viewed as similar in its doctrines to the Eastern Orthodox church. Egypt's Christians are persecuted, and often murdered because in the Sharia law their beliefs are... "blasphemous." Middle Eastern author Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes: "... blasphemy laws are routinely used by criminals and intolerant ... Muslims to bully religious minorities. Simply to declare belief in the Christian Trinity is considered blasphemous, since it contradicts mainstream Muslim theological doctrines." 

In a video posted Sept. 10, 2012 on the "Catholics for Obama" page on his campaign website, President Barack Obama spells out the reasons why his administration provides foreign aid:

“When I decide to stand up for foreign aid, it’s not just about strengthening alliances or promoting democratic values, it’s also about the Biblical call to care for the least of these, for the poor for those at the margins of our society,"  Note the gratuitous use of "our society". Barack Hussein Obama is certainly not speaking about the America's poor.  It is not about promoting democratic values, he admits. It is to gratify Obama's Neo-Marxist, Gramscian and religious belief systems, it seems. Not one dollar in the U.S. $2 billion annual "aid" to Egypt goes towards democratic values. It goes towards military hardware and renovation of mosques.

As for the murder of four U.S. service men and wounding of eight more, and burning down of the American Embassies around the Middle East, Obama's rhetoric shifted from calling these acts of war "spontaneous" to callously dismissing them as simply "bumps in the road": “But I was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places the one organizing principle has been Islam.” ( President Obama in an interview with “60 Minutes”, aired September-23, 2012).

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/24/on-muslim-uprising-obama-mirrors-answer-on-economy-bump-in-road/#ixzz27SCJqEoB

Hillary Clinton Spent $770 Million of the U.S. Taxpayers' Money on Promotion of Fundamental Islam 

The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clearly laid the blame for the attack on the obscure video clip on YoutTube, which had practically no viewers in the US, but suddenly attracted much traffic coming from Egypt on 09/10/2012. Hillary laid blame on this "despicable" video-clip, instead of admitting that there was a lapse in communication, lack of preparedness and vigilance in the State Department. Yet, U.S. intelligence officials suggest it was a well-planned terrorist attack, that would have taken place on 9/11/2012 regardless of the film, the film used as a pretext, while hardly anyone in the U.S. saw it. While protesters in Egypt, apparently unopposed (if not encouraged) by the authorities, were burning American flags, not only the Consulate was attacked in Benghazi, but also the safe house, as well as the rescue team en route from the airport to the safe house, the secret location of which was highly classified information. As a result,
eight more Americans were badly wounded. Not only did the attackers know the exact location of the safe house, but they also intercepted and attacked the rescuers.

To suggest that a well-coordinated attack of this magnitude, with the use of advanced intelligence and heavy weapons, including mortar, grenade and RPG rocket launchers was a result of "spontaneous" anger over a few minute long video clip, was indeed, ridiculous. A few days later, under the weight of evidence, the White House admitted it was a terrorist attack.

While our children are already saddled with the U.S. debt for 35 years, Hillary Clinton's State Department, meanwhile, was busy throwing hundreds of millions of the U.S. taxpayers' money into renovating mosques overseas.


Coptic Christians slaughtered in Egypt as the world looks away

Obama Chat with ‘Pimp with the Limp’ DJ Laz Airs on 9/11 Morn

On Muslim Uprising, Obama Mirrors Answer on Economy: A Bump in the Road

Post Scriptum

Sep-24, 2012, from RollCall.com and Congress.org:

Senators Call for Investigation into Libya Attacks

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) called for Congress to investigate last week’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. This comes after a dispute about whether the acts that killed four Americans were premeditated.
Roll Call‘s Niels Lesniewksi reports:
The Obama Administration’s insistence that the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulted from a riot inspired by a film, rather than a planned and coordinated attack, defies common sense,” Graham said in a statement. “It is imperative that Congress conduct an investigation into this matter, as the two scenarios are vastly different in terms of scope and depth.”
U.S. officials have given conflicting statements on whether the attacks were a planned terrorist attack or the result of militants taking advantage of the chaos of a protest mob outside the consulate.
In addition to Graham, other Members of Congress have called for more information about the attack in Libya:

Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), Dan Coats (R-Ind.), Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton questioning the effectiveness of host-country security at the perimeter of embassies and consulates.
“While we laud reports that many Libyan security staff bravely fought to protect U.S. personnel in Benghazi, the incident raises the broader question of the adequacy of indigenous security forces in providing perimeter security, particularly in conflict and transitional countries,” they wrote.
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and ranking member Susan Collins (R-Maine) sought a security audit from the State Department’s inspector general.
Aides to President Barack Obama told reporters traveling with the president to Ohio that he continued to follow the developments in the Middle East, even as he made campaign trips.  Read more on RollCall.com

Video by the Western Center for Journalism

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Women — the Political Pawns in "The War on Women"

Straight from the horse's mouth: ACORN whistle-blower speaks about Democrats election year strategy to sell the gullible electorate the lies of the war on women, in order to attract American women voters. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

MSNBC — The Twilight Zone

 By Eric Ross, Ph.D., MBA 

MSNBC broadcasts often look like the “Twilight Zone”, as the Sept — 7, 2012 “Morning Joe” demonstrated. “Joe Scarborough and friends” reaction to the decisively bleak August jobs report was an enthusiastic, triumphant cheer for the President’s alleged “job creation”, while the actual meaning of the report was the deepening crisis and more of the same  massive jobs destruction in America. In this regard it was a rather typical response of the US mainstay media. Dishonest, I must add. Giving the spin-meisters  something to do.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in the morning of September 7, 2012 that only 96,000 jobs were created, far below economists’ consensus  expectation of 120,000 jobs. The BLS also revised downward its June and July numbers. The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent, which might sound good… if you cleverly ignore the context  — that this reduction  of unemployment rate came because people fell out of labor force in record numbers; it  “came primarily because the labor force participation rate fell to 63.5 percent, its worst level in more than 30 years,” according to CNBC.com.

CNBC noted that 368,000 people dropped out of the workforce in August, four (4) times more than the 96, 000  jobs "created", I must add, mostly low-paying jobs at that. CNSNews.com found that the number of people out of the labor force last month hit a record high of 88,921,000.

This job destruction orgy was actually cheered on MSNBC and other networks by self-appointed "pundits" as the President’s achievement in… “job creation.”  No sooner had Mika Brzezinski announced the unemployment rate than Joe Scarborough immediately proclaimed, “This is good news for the president,” before she could even spell out the meager 96,000 jobs gained. (SEE THE VIDEO).  Apparently, MSNBC commentators are so “unbiased” that they spin job destruction as "job creation." And no, this is not a matter of the glass half-full versus half-empty. One minus four is not a five.

For those folks who think a picture is worth a thousand words 
(although this article is just under 350 words)

With pathos in his voice, Joe Scarborough repeated the rate drop saying it had fallen from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent, which sent the crowd, strategically assembled behind him, cheering. “What you call that is a tailwind,” he claimed over their deafening cheers. A few moments later the crowd started chanting “Four more years!” Scarborough thought out loud that it was "good political news" for the administration, even as his colleague Chuck Todd mused, “it’s not great news”, about the same numbers, calling the report “a mixed bag.”

Regarding the same BLS report, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote honestly that “today’s jobs report provides a troubling reminder that the economy is still in bad shape.” He stated, "we have more jobs today than we did at the trough of the Great Recession in 2009. But the recovery has been anemic — and it appears to be slowing. We’re better off than we were then, but we’re not as well off as we need to be by a long shot." Note his use of the term "Great Recession".

The bottom line is that in terms of real unemployment (as opposed to the Government's gobbledygook definition of thereof), we are deep in the red, at the levels of permanent, structural unemployment not seen since the Great Depression (see U-6 below). The former Labor Secretary prefers to call the current state of affairs in the US Labor market the Great Recession. 

"If the labor force participation rate was the same as when Obama took office in January 2009, the unemployment rate would be 11.2%,” noted CNBC contributor and the American Enterprise Institute blogger James Pethokoukis.

Had the employment participation rate remained the same as the previous month, Pethokoukis pointed out, “the unemployment rate would be 8.4 percent” — higher than the 8.1 percent in the August report. In this respect the paradox is that this White House administration is taking credit for "lowering" unemployment by way of permanent job destruction.  The broader measure of unemployment, U-6 stood at 14.7 percent in August.

The easiest way to see what transpired since 2007 is to look at  the employment-population ratio.  It answers the question,  "What percentage  of  the working-age population is  employed?" 

This graph was built with the help of the graphing engine at the Economic Data Research website of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Lewis; it shows a rather dismal picture of no job creation, since the job destruction in 2009.

For those readers, who like myself, would rather deal with real numbers, than political spin on them, here are two tables representing the unemployment statistics, U-3 and U-6, the data straight from the horse's mouth, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  

The U-3 is the BLS-reported "official" unemployment rate, based only on new claims, which does not take into account those who ran out of unemployment benefits but still have not found any job, not even temporary or part-time.  

The U-3 Unemployment Rate (Source:  U.S. BLS data)

The U-6 unemployment rate, is a broader measure of unemployment, although it still does not show the full picture in all its ugliness. It counts not only people without work seeking full-time employment (the more familiar U-3 rate), but also those "marginally attached workers and those working part-time, who really want full-time work. Note that some of these part-time workers are counted as "employed" by U-3, but they could be working as little as an hour a week. And the "marginally attached workers" include those who have gotten discouraged and stopped looking, but still want to work. It does not count those who got discouraged and no longer want to work. The age included in this statistics is 16 years and older.
U-6 Unemployment Rate, a Broader Measure of Unemployment (SOURCE: U.S. BLS data)