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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Great American Beauty Pageant – Part II

  by Eric Ross, Ph.D. Investigative Reporter, National Writers Syndicate.
Acting President, NCFM, Greater NY Chapter

The Great American Beauty Pageant – Part II

Since filing that false report of "Terroristic Threat," allegedly made by a note stuck on her door, allegedly written by Gordon Smith, who just happened to be too far away to make such threat – some 800 miles away at the time of the note's appearance  – things have changed. Gordon left Georgia and has moved back to Delaware to be close to his boys. Tiffany had her new boyfriend arrested for a domestic incident, then got back together with him again. When Gordon, like any concerned father would, made a remark over the phone suggesting that it may have been unwise of her to expose the kids to such risk, Tiffany got furious. No sooner did Tiffany get the kids back from a party with their Dad at Chucky Cheeses that day, than the Police arrested Gordon, telling him that Tiffany had just filed a complaint alleging that in his phone conversation that day he’d threatened to kill her and the boys. Again.

After so many such false and failed allegations, shouldn't such new off-the-wall accusation be really viewed as totally ridiculous? Shouldn't the authorities take note? Apparently they have not, mostly for political reasons, such as "they do not want to discourage victims from making complaints." Apparently, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice – shame on me" is not part of their standard operating procedures. Let them, women folk, lie to their heart's content! Shouldn't Tiffany realize that she is being absolutely ridiculous? – Not at all! And why not lie and connive openly?  As on scores of other occasions, Dad immediately lost contact with his kids, again and again! That will teach him a lesson!

The State of Delaware  The Rock-bed of Feminist Jurisprudence, the Motherland of VAWA

Since 1994 then US Senator from Delaware (D) Joseph
Biden has  engaged in the War on Fathers for political
capital to himself and multi-billion dollar pork to
special interest groups.
False allegations always worked wonders for Tiffany. After all, former Senator from Delaware (now VP),  Joe Biden prides himself on being the "father" of VAWA. And his son, the Attorney General of Delaware, Joe Biden III, prides himself on being a loyal follower of the VAWA's principles, goose-stepping into his father's footprints. As VP Biden recently said, “Young women feel empowered [by VAWA].”  

"A good example of a special-interest publication is called "10 Myths About Custody and Domestic Violence and How to Counter Them," which was produced "for use in litigation" by an ABA [American Bar Association] subgroup called the Commission on Domestic Violence. "10 Myths" is designed to teach lawyers how to win money verdicts against fathers by using false or misleading arguments masquerading as objective research," said Phyllis Schlafly in Bar Association and Sen. Joseph Biden Enlist in War on Dads.  VAWA created a self-perpetuating legal Juggernaut, whose largess is paid by the American taxpayer:  Biden's bill channels $55.5 million of taxpayer money to lawyers and the special-interest ABA commission to provide mentoring, training and other assistance to lawyers of the DV Industry, and set up legal coordinators offices in each state. Why chase ambulances? Why wait for the "victims" to show up when vast new markets for legal services can be created and "victims" can be fabricated  through false allegations and arguments best described as intellectual dishonesty?

Dr. Martha Stout in her book Sociopath Next Door says that many more people than we think are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy whatsoever.  As she explains in The Myth of Sanity, a sociopath is someone who displays at least three of seven distinguishing characteristics, such as deceitfulness, impulsivity and a lack of remorse. Such people often have a superficial charm, which they exercise ruthlessly in order to get what they want. Said Dr. Stout, “the damage caused by the sociopaths among us is deep and lasting, often tragically lethal, and startlingly common. Working with hundreds of survivors, I have become convinced that dealing openly and directly with the facts about sociopathy is a matter of urgency for us all.” VP Biden’s version of VAWA empowered female sociopaths and opportunists, in guise of assisting the victims of domestic abuse.

Tiffany is one example of such opportunists, if not outright sociopaths. And why not act like one? The "system" has always rewarded this woman's vindictiveness, giving her the instant gratification of arresting her husband and severing his contact with the boys for a good, long time, not to mention the financial flagellation he had received each time, and jobs lost while arrested and having to defend himself against false allegations. Meanwhile, the false accuser  always gest Gordon where she wants him, without any repercussions for false statements.

So, pretty though she may be, Ms. Tiffany Smith looks as ugly as mortal sin, which she routinely commits. She has victimized Gordon Smith many times. By gaming the system and abusing legal process Tiffany has turned his life into a living hell. In a way, Gordon is a poster boy for tens of thousands of men victimized by VAWA's policies, which encourage, even inviting false allegations, rewarding the false accusers and the functionaries of the DV Industry in the process. (See, e.g. What is Domestic Violence? -- Anything Your Heart Desires, Honey!) Meanwhile, Gordon stands accused of “terroristic threat;” his trial scheduled to take place in September, 2012.Meanwhile, Gordon stands accused of a serious crime of “terroristic threat;” and his trial scheduled to take place in September, 2012.

Call or email Deputy Attorney General of Delaware Kent Haltom. Tell him that unless he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that charges against Gordon are true, to drop them immediately. Tell him that Tiffany Smith must be prosecuted for making false reports to the Police and committing perjury:

Call: 302-739-4211, Email: kenneth.haltom@state.de.us

If you need to consult the documents relevant to this case, they are all made public here:

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