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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Women Who Are Pure Evil

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WARNING: This video below is about horrific abuse... of an 8-months-old baby by the baby's mother. It is extremely disturbing.  My apologies to those fathers here, whose children were murdered as a result of the "decision and order" of a "Family Court" placing all custody with abusive mothers. Be warned, this footage is especially painful to watch if you lost a child to the legal mafia.

The mass media, controlled by the gender-feminist special interests, is engaged in a blackout of coverage of such "politically incorrect" events. According to the US Government ( Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families)  statistics of children victimization, biological mothers are more than 3 times more likely to severely abuse their children. Thus, in children's fatalities which resulted from abuse, "mothers only" were responsible for 32.4% of deaths, "mother & other" -- for 11.6% of children's deaths.  "Fathers only" -- for 14.2%, and "father & other" for a small fraction of 1.5%. (So embarrassing are these stats to the feminist officialdom, that the government stopped collecting these data in 2001.)

Placing the child in sole custody of the mother may be fatal, as some readers of this blog have found out through their personal tragic, and extremely painful experience, courtesy of Feminazi judges, such as Linda "The Child Abuser" Christopher for whom evidence means nothing. The feminazi bitch makes "difficult decisions," as she calls them, quite easily, deciding cases in gross violation of the US Constitution, New York State Constitution and NY Judiciary law at ex parte hearings with her former cohort in Legal Aid, Jacqueline Sands, behind the fathers' backs, in absence of their attorneys.

And finally, a video of the "cultural hegemony" by the vulgar, overpaid, fat and disgusting "cultural symbols" of feminist America, gloating and poking non-stop fun into a horrific act of sexual mutilation by a woman, who cut off her husband's genitals and chopped them into tiny bits with a kitchen garbage disposal. The "cultural hegemons," the bitches of the "cultural vanguard" of America are having major fun: they think out loud on America's national television broadcast all over the world that what she did was "quite fabulous!"
She should have just tossed the penis into the dog's bowl, letting it "chew on the old bone."  And they can think of a few things, which if their husbands did, they would cut off their penises, too -- following the suit by this criminal sociopath. A non-stop, penis-cutting, ball-breaking, fabulous fun fest!

Wake up, America! Feminists are ideological haters and sociopath monsters, third wave, or any wave.

Posted by Eric Ross, Ph.D.

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