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Friday, June 29, 2012

VIDEO GOING VIRAL: Family Court Judge verbally abusing, threatening and intimidating a litigant, a pastor in the local church

by Eric Ross, Investigative Reporter, National Writers' Syndicate.

Family Court Judge Watkins, who
anointed himself to act as angry
Pagan God.
West Virginia, WINFIELD, Putnam County  –  Watch how this abusive family court judge screams his head off at a pastor in his courtroom, repeatedly threatens and berates him, then throws the book at him. 

Presumably, Judges are objective and courteous. – Really? See for yourself. This is not a TV reality show. It is reality. It is a must see. Please watch the whole video and listen carefully. (Should the video "disappear" from YouTube, just let us know, we will post a high quality digital video right here.)

The true nature of the judge’s ire comes through when he screams that the pastor should be dead by now, based on the judge’s prior orders. Apparently, the fact that the "man of God” is still alive is “evidence” of his “perjury” and the pastor does "nothing but lie in this courtroom!", at least according to the "fair-minded" Judge. This Judge admits a few times, by the way, that he is "too angry," except he self-righteously believes that he has all the rights to be angry, as all sociopaths do. Judge repeatedly screams at the quiet, meek, speechless pastor, “Shut up!” and threatens to make the “man of God” rot in jail for life. He even orders an appointment of a criminal prosecutor for alleged "violations" of the Judge's order. What is the violation? – The pastor dared to file a complaint against the judge's decisions and against the issuance of an order of protection against the pastor. Because it is business as usual in the family courts of America, the theatrical performance by this judge is a must see!

The judge went ballistic because he assumed, among other things, that pastor Hage published an article in the local on-line news outlet, PutnamLIVE.com, about Judge Watkins'  late payments to the condominium where he lives. The judge was wrong: it was the publisher of PutnamLIVE, who wrote the article, entirely on his own volition.  Judge Watkins screams at the pastor, "I will personally make sure that you will never see a free day in your life! You are going to jail!" While the pastor is silent, the Judge repeatedly screams, "Shut up!"

A parishioner who accompanied the pastor to the court, filed a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  

Also, as the video has gone viral, the man of God is now suing "the Judge who acts like he's God," for $5 million.  

What makes it different this time, is that there is a video of this Judge’s abuse of power. (Now you know why New York Courts guard themselves from cameras in the courtroom, as if video cameras were machine guns aimed straight at them.) He acts like a sadistic tyrant, enjoying unlimited power to abuse a litigant. He makes these threats before starting the proceeding, probably mistakenly assuming that the video is not on until he begins the proceeding "officially." 

Pastor Art Hage, the Man of God, as
Judge Watkins mockingly calls him.
"Christians that love God... will come
because they want to help other
he said about his 2011

project to remove the strip club "Pink 
Pony." Apparently, his message 
stepped on too many toes.
In addition to screaming at pastor Art Hage, Putnam Family Law Judge William M. "Chip" Watkins III will have to answer why he ordered Paul D. Bentley, one of the minister's parishioners, out of the courthouse.

In his complaint, Bentley says when the bailiff came into the waiting room following Watkins' screaming tirade, he suggested the bailiff get Watkins "a glass of bourbon and give him 2 Xanax to calm him down."  As the bailiff re-enters the courtroom, Judge Watkins asks the pastor about this man, "Did you bring along a comedian, Mr. Hage?" When Hage replied "He's my chauffer, sir," Watkins snidely remarks, "He's your chauffer!" Then Judge Watkins growled to the bailiff, "Out of the building. I want him out of the building right now. If he smiles, I want him in here to answer what's so damn funny."
Hage's wife, Lillian, alleged he abused both her and their daughters... Sixty three year old Hage says these claims are absolutely false, and his grown-up daughters (all of them over 20) would know how to stand up to abuse, if there ever was any. Hage said Watkins filed a protective order against him hastily and without merit.

In his moving papers, the pastor wrote:
"My prayer is that you would consider these statements that I have made and act upon them... There is much more that could be said...
All that I am asking is that the words that are embedded on the outside of the Putnam County Courthouse 'Equal Justice for All' be adhered to."
Hage wants an order rescinding the protective order against him.  He said he wants a fair and unbiased judge to hear his case. But that, pastor, will take much more than a prayer.

This video is quite educational; it has gone viral for a reason; make sure it becomes widely known. It is high time the abusive sociopaths in power are put in the spotlight of public scrutiny for what they really are.
Watkins Screams At Hage In Court
Family Law Judge Threatens Putnam County Pastor. PutnamLIVE

Video shows Putnam judge yelling at Hurricane pastor in court. State Journal.

Watkins accused of ejecting man from courthouse without cause. 
The Record, West Virginia Legal Journal

Family Court Judge and Pastor Feud Caught on Tape in Explosive Rant. The Church Report

'It's been a haven of evil': Pastor wants to spend $800,000 turning Pink Pony strip club into church.
Daily Mail, UK



    Fighting war against terrorists in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is a diversion to keep the citizens of the United States distracted about the terrorist psychopaths in the American Legal System.
    The same occurs all over the nation. Our system of justice plays favorites; you are a favorite until the money runs out or if you have more money than the other spouse. Divorce to a personality disorder is war and there are disordered attorneys who also have no conscience. I hope that one day we will all be able to heal and join together to stop the legal torture of vulnerable citizens.
    The court system has caused complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an injury that many terrorist organizations skillfully employ to damage and keep the victim lifeless and quiet.
    The judge, bailiff failed to uphold Pastor Art Hage constitutional rights and they should be incarcerated

  2. My name is Mark Hallburn and I am the publisher of PutnamLIVE.com, the news website that first published the courtroom video (http://www.putnamlive.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3310:watkins-screams-at-hage-in-court&catid=74:special-reports&Itemid=112) and the prior article about the pastor’s HOA fees-where Judge Watkins threatened a reporter. (http://www.putnamlive.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2847:watkins-threatens-news-reporter&catid=74:special-reports&Itemid=112)

    It must be noted that at no point did Pastor Hage provide the photo of Judge Watkins’ home or know about that article.

    Hage and Watkins obviously do not like each other. Watkins does not like me. However, his conduct in the courtroom deserved to be exposed.

  3. Dear Mr. Mark Hallburn:

    You must be commanded for the news coverage, which is important to your community, truthful, courageous and independent. In fact, it is important to all decent Americans all across the USA. My private email is filled with responses that Judge Watkins is almost "typical" and that other Judges act in a similar fashion.

    A Judge who in his official letter to a reporter calls him a South end of a North-bound horse and accuses him and many litigants of things they never did, has no place on the bench. His figure of speech is a projection, directly applicable to Judge Watkins, as the video above conclusively demonstrates.

    The People of West Virginia have a job to do -- they must show him the door.

  4. This seems to be quite common in the corrupt county courts of West Virginia.

    All it takes in these small rural counties is to step on the wrong toes, whether it is knowingly or unknowingly.

    Follow the corruption in Morgan County, when I challenged an attorney (partnered with another attorney who was formerly in our House of Delegates) in a civil action and watch what occurred when the presiding Judge (formerly a member of the state Senate at the same time, unknown to me) flat out refuses to allow my civil claims to be filed.


    While our Supreme Court of Appeals did grant a mandamus and cause the case to be filed, it was only after the local court brought criminal charges against me regarding the civil claims surrounding the mismanagement of our home owners association already put before the court by me.

    After three local judges recused themselves, and indictment was overturnerd, the senior status magistrate appointed by the Supreme Court of Appeals disqualified the local prosecutor, and a special prosecutor was appointed and failed to appear or argue against my motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause; ONLY THEN (over 18 months later) were my criminal charges dismissed.


    The civil case is still lingering with my deaf stepfather being refused an interpreter in the court while the civil case proceeded.

    We need to turn up the heat on West Virginia's Judicial Investigation Commission.

    Judges MUST leave all personal issues outside of the courtroom!!!


  5. If you are the editor of the paper or the pastor, please contact me. I am in the same shoes and would like to speak with you regarding the case. Email at president@parentsunitedus.org We can learn alot from each other.

  6. As a legal person and moral the mere fact that there is PERSONAL situations between this judge and Mr. Hage, as the judge is MIND SET, he should have IMMEDIATELY recuse himself as " conflict of interest " he is too personally involved, how can he even make one decision. My God the way this man behaves disgusting. I know I went through the same exact thing in my hearing in Kings County, a court officer actually told me to "shut the fuck up" and all I was trying to do was be heard. Exercise my rights to due process, but as a man those rights where taken away, my voice SILENCED. But not really, I told the court office " fuck you " I have never been treated in such a manner ever as I was treated in court. However, I will say this. When it came to my visitation? and my ex trying to strip me of it? Her Honor Sacco BLASTED my ex wife. Did she care? lol no. My ex actually called me that night gloating, " I can't believe they wouldn't even let you speak " as she snickered under her breath. This is the most important factor I AM THE ONE THAT FILED THE PETITION FOR NEGLECT, ABUSE, ENDANGERMENT, HAVING ORGIES WHILE MY CHILDREN AND OTHER CHILDREN SAT IN THE KITCHEN WAITING FOR IT TO END! trk387

  7. Anonymous, Judge Watkins is apparently NOT a "moral person." If anyone is moral it is pastor Art Hage, who wouldn't hurt a fly.

    Judge Watkins is not a "legal person" either. Rather -- a member of a racketeering enterprise of lawyers acting under the color of law (Pretending to represent law.)Watch Judge Watkins "awarding" lawyers fees to Lillian Hage's lawyer, ALREADY PAID by the taxpayers as she is an employee of the Legal Aid Society. Now she is double-paid, this time from the proceeds of sale of Pastor's house, his only Earthly possession.

    Judge Watkins lied when he pretended he was so pissed because of some article in PutnamLIVE.com, apparently unrelated and apparently innocuous. He was really pissed beyond belief that certain information of his abuses of power began leaking into the press, as this LEGAL MAFIA is accustomed to acting in secrecy and unoppsed.

    Judge Watkins belongs in a pile of trash. Just like other abusers of power he belongs on the gallows for crimes against humanity.

  8. Imagine if the pastor was a black man. I have been through similar situations in the Virginia court system. I know that bias does exist in the minds of those people who have the power to ruin other people's lives. However, it is my understanding that the Judges are immune to law suits and legal prosecution. To bad there wasn't a you tube around in my days though.

  9. Judges like this need to be immediately removed from the bench for mental disability. Taxpayers must confront their legislators immediately and demand legislation that, from now on, before anyone becomes a judge, and as a condition of obtaining the job, they must undergo a psychiatric evaluation so we don't have these mentally disturbed outbursts against taxpaying Americans who pay these retards in black dresses' salaries and pensions.

    These types of threatening outbursts by petty tyrants is what led to the American Revolution. It's time everyone take these judges to task and make them show they're qualified and have the psychological demeanor to sit on the bench.

    Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director
    DADS (Dads Against Discrimination)--New Jersey

  10. My husband has been yelled and cursed at more than once by Judge Watkins. No one should be able to be so disrespectful to others. He is nothing but a bully in my eyes. I could hear him yelling all the way in the waiting area. He refuses to let anyone speak other than the questions he ask. He threaten to put my husband in jail and double his child support of he didn't drive an hour a day to see his son. I think someone somehow needs to put a stop to this. How do you go about getting a copy of the video while in this sweet judges presence?

  11. Anonymous said: "How do you go about getting a copy of the video while in this sweet judges presence?"

    In West Virginia, they record the proceedings on the video-camera. Then, a party to a court case may request tat the clerk of the court gives them a CD/or DVD of said proceeding. Just give the clerk the date, and/or docket/file and number and case, such as Smith V Smith.

    To be used in legal papers, the proceeding must be transcribed to produce a record. The clerk of the court would give you a list of authorized transcription services. Transcription costs vary, but may cost around $3 per page, just to give you an idea.

  12. The one thing I got out of this video is it is ok for the courts to threaten our way of life but they sure get made when the tables get turned on them.

  13. I am curious how this was taped. Do WV courts all have cameras in them? And are those recordings easily available to the public?