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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Women are Equally Engaged in Physical Partner Violence as Men, but the Political Demagogues in the US Government, Such as VP Joe Biden, Want to Keep it a Secret

The power-hungry demagogues in the U.S. government are hell-bent to continue to pander to the N.O.W. mythology of Domestic Violence, while the researchers who shed the light on the gender-feminist money-making machine of perpetrating and perpetuating gender stereotypes, are harassed professionally, and receive countless death threats from feminists.

Meanwhile, the majority of men are in the dark as to the mortal danger in which they are placed by the federally-funded Violence Against Women Act, and the state Family Law systems, which marginalize men, treating them as criminals without any due process of law, on often false allegations, and when no evidence of any wrong-doing is presented.

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  1. The government should do something about it soon enough to avoid more similar cases in the coming years.