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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cultural Misandry's "Lucky Strike" Should Kick California LOTTERY in the Pants

The march of cultural misandry continues: The feminists-controlled educational system in the US, mass-produces the cadre of men-haters, filling out jobs everywhere, particularly in advertizing. They propagate the message that female-on-male violence is a “good thing.”

According to the California Lottery, when a female hits a man across the face, he should consider himself lucky: It’s a “lucky strike.”

How ‘bout all those males wasting their dollars to support this state-sanctioned criminal enterprise, kick the habit straight in the pants. You wouldn't pay for a chance to be struck by a lightning, would you?


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  1. — The California Lottery Commission has pulled the ad featuring a “Lady Luck” bestowing good fortune on a young man by slapping him hard across the face.

    The man then wins what appears to be a good deal of money, having been “struck by Lady Luck.”

    State Sen. Noreen Evans and Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, Democrats who lead the Legislative Women’s Caucus, said in a letter to the commission that the ad “glamorizes violence” and should be dropped.

    Commission spokesman Russ Lopez said the commercial is to be replaced with one in which Lady Luck blows the man a kiss.

    For once the Democrat Women's Legislative Caucus did a sensible thing. The ad was absolutely outrageous.